The tana documentation project, 2

This weekend I finally had some time to start on the tana project. I have updated the Tana page with more general20070129-20070129-IMG_2663a information about ko-dana and I have created detailed pages for Koko-dana and Maru-Joku.
Furthermore, I created a new page with a list of all the Konomi that I found during the research. Having made the Konomi list, I decided that this information should also be available under each tea master, so I included it under Rikyu, Sotan and Gengensai. This way, a small part of the Konomi page is shown at the bottom of each of the pages about the tea mastersand it is updated automatically.

I hope you find this information useful, and that you will continue to contribute to the project. There are still many tanas to document. I do not own more tanas myself, and will therefore be unable to take photos of any other tana. If you have access to a tana, I would greatly appreciate if you would take images of it, if possible with other utensils placed correctly inside.

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