Shu Uemura Art of Hair Norway

shu1 On September 2nd Loreal released the Shu Uemura Art of Hair line of products in Norway, but why am I writing about it?

First of all since I was there, well not in a guest capacity, but I was there. More about that later. Through these products they seek to give their customer an experience of relaxation, comfort and luxury. Being a Japanese product it has drawn inspiration from the experience of chado and therefore they wanted a presentation as part of the release.

Stig and myself ended up doing this presentation because the association didn’t have anyone that could do it, and am I glad we did! First of all the event was hosted at Dragonfly, and Asian inspired spa in Oslo. We did tea on a stone path crossing over a small square pond. The room was very still, only a low sound of running water and the accustomed sounds of tea being made could be heard, even though there were more 40-50 people in the room. For the presentation the audience had seated them selves at the floor.
We showed hakobi usucha and had a short speech. This is shu2without doubt the best presentation I have been part of in Norway, and not because of my effort. The place was awesome, and the audience were even better. They were attentive and had an obvious interest in what we were showing.

I’m very happy that we did this presentation. I will hopefully get some photos from the event and will share it with you here. (Probably in about 3 weeks).

Letter from Loreal, only in Norwegian:


Jeg vil få lov å takke deg for en fantastisk seremoni i går! Kundenevar så fornøyd og følte at de hadde fått være med på noe helt unikt!

Håper det kan være mulighet for å kontakte deg igjen senere hvis vi skulle ha behov for noe lignende?

Igjen – tusen takk!shu3

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  1. Marius,
    It sounded like it was a fantastic experience not only for the audience but for you also. I think this is one of the reasons I find chado so satisfying. To share this atmosphere with people who are interested makes me feel like I am contributing something significant to the world. I hope you have many more experiences like this one.


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