Shu Uemura Art of Hair Norway 2

lorealAfter the success with the last presentation, we were invited to hold another presentation for L’Oreal. Unfortunately my guest from last time, Stig, was not available this time.

I was able to convince Anne (girlfriend) to be my guest for the presentation. She have been my guest many times when I have done tea at home, but this was her first presentation. She finds seiza very painfull, so we agreed that she would sit agaru (with the legs crossed in front).

Our presentation was part of a course L’Oreal held for hair dresses in regards to the Shu Uemura Art of Hair products. The venue for this presentation was not as nice as last time. But then again you can’t expect to have a place as nice as Dragonfly each time. The setup of the presentation area can bee seen on the image above. The students brought their own chairs, and were able to sitt very close to the stage. I hope this helped make it a more intimit experience.

At the end of the presentation when I turned to put out natsume for haiken I noticed that Anne was sitting in seiza. I was very surprised, and asked here afterwards. Apparently she had sat down the “wrong” way and realized it too late.

On our way back home Anne said that this was the most relaxing Tea experience she had had to this day. This got me thinking, I haven’t invited her for a propper tea event yet. She has only been at training sessions. I will have to do something about it.

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