Chanoyu in the morning

20090712-20090712-IMG_0603In life I have found that there is always something that feels urgent, something that just has to be done at once. Chanoyu gives me great enjoyment and peace of mind, but it is never urgent. I’ll always be able to do it tomorrow, so that I can handle the urgent things today. However, when tomorrow arrives there are still urgent things to do. Even if I completed all the high priority items on my itinerary yesterday, there will be new ones today.

Therefore I have decided that at least once a week I’m going to make Tea my first priority. Which means it shall be the first thing I do that day. Today was the first such day. I got up 20 minutes before I normally would. Even before I went to the bathroom I put on the water boiler. I made a few slices of bread which I ate while preparing the tea-space and utensils. I’m fortunate to have it all in my apartment. I finished eating and preparing at the same time. Then I spent approximately 30 minutes making myself a bowl of koicha in the dark. It was a very nice way to begin the day.

Afterwards, I cleaned the utensils and did the other tasks of the morning. I left for work about 10 minutes late, but in a very good and peaceful mood.

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  1. That is a very inspiring thing to do. You should keep it up.

    Every once in a while, I try to remind myself of the real purpose of tea. And to go to the basics.

    On a different note, focusing on the guest is more important than the temae procedure in general.

    Many tend to forget simple yet important things related to the guest, for example saying “mou ippuku ikaga desuka?”, I keep stressing the importance of this phrase in any temae, of course in its right timing, because when we are in a keiko, everyone knows for sure the other tea mate will not ask for another bowl of tea, while in real life, it would be the extra thing that would ensure your guest’s satisfaction.

    If students omit it in keiko, they will forget to say it when it is needed.

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