tana2Living in a country where there are no professional teacher, and not even a very active chado association. I´m limited to study with the dogu I own. Since leaving Kyoto in 2005 I have only had access to a very limited selection of tana. I have a maru joku that I made my self based on the measurements I took while in Japan 2003. I also have a koko-dana and a daisu.

With this in mind I ordered a tana that tana1can be assembled in eight different ways. This will allow me to study the use of eight different tana with out needing to buys them individually or even store them individually. I think this is a great invention. The image above shows the different pieces the tana consist of, while the image below shows one of the possible ways to assemble it.

I planning to put to gather a page on http://wiki.chado.no describing how to use it in the different assemblies. I hope that some of you will help me get this correct.

The only thing that I´m a bit skeptical to is that it is kiji, that is unlacquered wood. It seems a bit silly to have a piece of okeiko dogu that can so easily be stained.

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