Ryakubon, you should know Ryakubon

tea13Today I did temae for the first time since October last year. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I had to look up the steps for Ryakubon in a book. According to my temae record I did Ryakubon last time 4th of May 2009.
Since 2007 I have done approximately 30 temae less with each passing year. Which make the sad declining numbers 124 in 2007, 91 in 2008,68 in 200, 33 in 2010, and finally only 3 times in 2011.

I could say that the reason for the decline is that I have been terrible busy. It is true I have been busy with a full time job and a full time (equivalent) study, but it’s not reason that I did hardly any Tea. I managed to see countless episodes of TV series in both 2010 and 2011. I think the truth is more in line with lack of inspiration and enthusiasm. I guess it faded into oblivion along with the Norwegian Tea Association. I hope the inspiration will return. Today I did Ryakubon twice sitting at my dining table. I can’t sit in seiza due to a knee operation last Friday. With time I should be able to sit seiza again.

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  1. Hi Marius!
    I use Chado Wiki for reference pretty often so I just wanted to thank you. Sometimes it seems like your efforts might not bear any fruit in the vast online metropolis but I find it incredibly helpful!

    I’ve been studying tea ceremony at NYC Urasenke for a few years and I remember thinking that maybe there is only bon ryaku temae because I was doing it for 2 years… Once I started to do hakobi, I haven’t practiced bonrayku at all. But seeing how you keep a record inspires me to do the same. I hope to apply to Midorikai once I can sit seiza throughout otemae keiko. If you have any advice, please contact me at ahreumko@gmail.com.

    Hontoni arigatougozaimasu~

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