Tatami for my Tea-room

designFor years I have been trying to find a way to get tatami for a Tea-room. Ordering them from Japan is fantastically expensive. The tatami available in my home town are all made for western beds so they have inconvenient sizes like 60×200 og 90×200. Which obviously makes it impossible to make any tatami patterns.

Browsing on the local equivalent of e-bay for some photo gear I did a check for chado or tatami. I might be in luck and find a Japanese imegrant selling some thing, but no. However I found a new store selling tatami for beds. I asked them for custom sizes, and YES!! they could do that. So now I have ordered tatami for a yojohan and tiny mizuya.

The tatami should arrive in May, so now I’m busy trying to clear out my tea space in preparation for building a elevated floor. The image shows the intended floor plan. Unfortunately there is no way I can separate the guest entrance from that of the host. The mizu-ya will be just one and half tatami, with another half mat in front of the entrance.

I’m very exited!

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