The Making of Chashitsu, Day 11

q6Another day working on the Tea-room has come to an end. Today I got the walls up for half the room, the most tricky half I believe/hope. It’s a bit hard to tell from the image that something has changed as the wall plates are almost the same colour as the wall were yesterday. I still need spackle the seams between the wall plates before I can paint them.
Also got the combined guest and host entrance to the created. I decided on making it brown even though I’m not going to use that colour for any other elements. I need to make a nice door knob. Now it is just a gaping hole. Do you happen to have some spare bamboo that I could use? Need a piece that is 6-7cm in diamater. I only need a few cm worth of bamboo around the node.

Things took much longer time than anticipated, again. But at least I do not see any very difficult tasks that has to be done tomorrow, so hopefully progress will be better.

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