The Making of Chashitsu, Day 2

p1 This second day was used to elevate the Mizuya floor, similar to what we did Day 1 for the main room. The part of the mizuya floor closes to the Tea-room has to be movable. This is a necessity for two reasons. First and foremost because there is a chimney door and fire regulation requires no permanent flammable material within 30 cm of it. Secondly because there is a door to another room where the photographer of the attached images was standing. It is best to be able to enter it with out having to climb the elevated floor and potentially drag dirt onto the tatami. . So the section shown on image to will be movable, and i theory I should be able to lift it off and put it inside the mizuya when not in use.
We spent a significant amount of time discussing the placement of the sink. In the end we decided to make it half a matt wide and place it in the end where the shelf is in the image. I think this will be ap2 good solution. I might even be able to place a shoji “window” there and have a spotlight behind to provide lighting.
The main room on the left side in the images, you can barely see the frame of the door.

Thats all we got done this day, because we were distracted by the need to put up some sliding doors for a walking closet in my bedroom. Need to keep the wife happy, while I’m claiming all that space in the basement for my Tea-room.

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