The Making of Chashitsu, Day 9

q8I finished the last of the grooves early this morning. Then I headed back home from the mountain. I had a few very nice days in the mountain. I got all the wood I needed in addition I had two very nice cross country skiing trips.

Back home I got all the wood safely down to the basement. I focused on cutting the wood for holding the fusuma today. Was almost able to complete it. One of the pieces had been made 8cm wide when it should have been 6,1cm so I have to cut it tomorrow. Also I apparently had made a counting error because I had a few more pieces than I needed. Anyway it is nice to see the outline of a Tea-room taking shape. On the photo you can see that the railing for the entire room is placed down. The floor pieces has been fasten, while the ceiling pieces are just placed on top. One nice detail is the tokonoma piece. It is one huge chunk of wood. Even got the bevel on the front. It’s not 10cm thick so I can’t leave it at the floor like it is now. I need to lift it a few cm so that it is 5 cm above the tatami.

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