The Making of Chashitsu, Day 13-17

q5I have been painting, painting and painting the last few days. The first walls were easy, as I could remove them from the sliders and just place them on the floor to paint them. The sand looked really nice on these. The walls that could not be removed was more work. There I had to mix sand into the paint, and be careful not to paint the birch. After two coatings the room looks almost finished. I got some feedback from a friend in Kyoto that I should have placed the main window differently and have made it bigger. I’m still waiting for details. This is also the only wall segment that has not been painted.

Behind the left walls when entering the Tea-room I have some storage space. I had not thought about the size, since the layout of the room pretty much dictated how it would be. I have brought all the Tea items I own down, and I could just fit all the boxes in the storage area 🙂 Which means that it will be some free space in there as soon as I start putting items out in the mizuya.

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