The Making of Chashitsu, Day 20

I have had a few days break from carpentry. I needed to do some other things.

q3Earlier I got feedback on the size and placement of my window. So now I have lowered it and mad it larger. The bottom is now at 78cm, just above the height of a nijiriguchi that is 66-78cm. The window size has been increased from 40x30cm to 60×50. Visually it could have been even bigger I think. However, the wall is only 130cm and I want to be able to slide the window out of the way so that I can opperate the lights that are mounted behind. Also it might be a nice place to have another shelf for dogu. I hope that I will be able to paint and finish up this wall during the weekend. Still waiting for measurements of the mizuya shelves, so I can’t start on them. Hopefully I will get some¬†measurements¬†next week.

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