The Making of Chashitsu, Day 21

 q2After having moved the window on Friday I started painting the last wall segment on Saturday. After two layers of paint and sand I could mount the sliders for the actual window. However I had done some foolish mistakes in calculating the size, so the window did not fit. I had to disassemble it and make a second attempt. I’m not totally satisfied with the way it turned out, but it will do for now.
While waiting for the paint to dry I had time to make finish the water disposal area in mizu-ya. I had planned to have the bamboo cover go from wall to wall, but only be 20 cm deep. For several reasons it was more practical to have it 43 cm deep and not as wide as planned. The image shows the final result. Both the bamboo cover and the wood on the sides can easily be removed to empty the waste water container below.
I also had time to clean up the room. All the left over wood has been removed to the garage. I have dusted an vacuumed the room, and I’m looking forward to having some Tea in it tomorrow.

There are still some things to do, but it has the feel of being nearly finished. In the Tea room I need to complete the window and make a cover for the ro. Beside that there is not much q1more I can do before I get some supplies. I need the blue and white paper that will cover the bottom part of the walls. Furthermore I need the hooks for the scroll and flowers. And not to mention, I only have to very old tatami that are the wrong size, In the mizuya I need to get the measurements for the shelf, and than build it. Hopefully I’ll get some measurements on the 17th. I also need to paint the mizu-ya door and figure out what to do about the space between the right most piece of wood and the wall. The space is barely visible in the image above, but it is very visible when you move about the mizu-ya.

As long as I get the tatami and the mizu-ya shelves the rest is details.


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