The Making of Chashitsu, Day 22 – First Tea

Today I enjoyed a bowl of Usucha in my new Tea-room. It was a nice feeling to be able to use the room after all that effort. It will be even better as soon as the new tatami arrives.

All the light for the room comes from two windows lit by spotlights. The windows behind me is by far the largest, and the main light source. The room is evenly lit by a soft and comfortable light. It could have been a little bit brighter. I’ll need to get another spot to achieve that. The image is taken with out flash and with only the light from the windows (0.8 sec at f 4.0 and ISO 500).

The first bowl of Usucha in the new room

This was also the first time I used the electric ro. It is brand new and have never been used before, even though I have had it for several years. It gave a very low heat output even when I set it to 600W. Wonder what is wrong. There is a output wheel and a little stick next to it. I have no idea what that does. Can anyone translate the instructions?

Please help me with translation!

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  1. Hey Marius, the little stick is a cut-off switch. When it is depressed by the lid (board) cover for the ro it makes sure the heater gets no power. I guess it is in case people want to leave it in the floor and plugged in while it is covered and not in use. I always remove the heater completely during furo season so I really never have use for this switch but it is there just in case.
    When the output wheel was turned to 600W were both the inner and outer coils glowing red? Each is 300W so you can chose the inner one, the outer one or both at once.
    Does the voltage of your heater match that of your country?
    I think we have the same heater and it works pretty well, on 600W it will boil the kama eventually.

    1. Thanks for the explanation about the little stick. I also plane to remove it for furo-season. The voltage for the heater is 110V. So I have a transformer that changes my 220V to 110V. This has worked very nicely with my furo heater.

      I just checked now: the furo heater starts glowing red hot after about 5-10 seconds. While the ro heater does not glow red hot even after 2 minutes. Wonder if I’ll be able to fix it somehow.

      Again thanks for the translation.

    2. At work today I had a bright idea. What if I had been smart enough to order a 220V heater since I live in a 220V country, and not settle for a 110V Japanese heater. I could not wait to get home to check my theory. Look and behold, it was true. My ro-element was 220V, no wonder it was not giving of any heat when I only gave it 110V through my transformer yesterday. Today when I tried it without the transformer it glowed bright red hot after a just a few seconds.

      It’s a relief that the thing works 🙂

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