The Making of Chashitsu, Day 23

m1Last weekend I finished up the mizu-ya shelves. I found some measurement that came from fushin-an, THE Omotesenke Tea-room. I was unable to find wood that was wide enough. So it ended up about 20 cm deep. The shelves have small grooves in the side wood which they fit into. I might in the future special order some wood that is wider. I can’t have one chawan outside another chawan, the way I would like too because the shelves are not deep enough. Beside that I’, quite happy with it.
At the bottom the “sink” is visible. The bamboo came of a old bamboo screen. It can be lifted out to get access to the waste water container below. To actually remove the entire plastic container I need to lift out not just the bamboo but also the wood pieces next to it. This can bee done with no tools what so ever.
As a final note I ended up removing my sadoguchi. I had used too thin material so it was bulging into the wall, and some times it would get stuck and make it almost impossible to open. I have to find another way of constructing the door. Another problem with that is that it will be difficult to get the door back into it’s proper place. I might have to make it in two pieces and fasten it together after it is put in place. Maybe this weekend.

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