The Making of Chashitsu, sadoguchi II

I removed the old sadoguchi because xit was a bit too flimsy, and got stuck occasionally. Over the weekend I  have installed a new one. The first one was put in place before the wall was added. And therefore could be in one piece. The new one could not be in one piece as it would not fit into the opening. So I had to make it into two pieces and glue it together. If you look carefully you can see the seam in the image on the right side.

I was quite happy that I was able to glue it together as this was a point of uncertainty. Now I have encountered another problem. The new wood is to heavy and easily gets stuck too. While standing the door can “easily” be slides back and forth using the handle. However, when your in seiza you have significantly less strength.
I’m not certain what to do. Is there a way I can reduce the friction between the door and the floor section? One problem is that now that the door is glued I cant get it out again with out ruining it. And I can’t access the place where the door slid into, even if I could remove the door.
This has not been a good Tea-room construction weekend. Lot of wasted effort 🙁 Need to think about what to do next. Should I try to wax the tracks? Find some lighter wood and make yet another door?


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