One week later

One week has passed since I started my morning tea experiment outlined in this post. Each morning I have been getting up about 20 minutes earlier. Instead of rushing off to catch the train for work I have been heading down to the basement for Hakobi Usucha, and only after that rushing off 😉

Monday morning at 06:55

I have measured the time I use every morning for preparation, temae and cleaning. The temae times are very stable. The quickest was 12 minutes and the longest was 13 minute and 15 seconds from entering the room with the mizusashi until I brought it back out again. I’m very happy that the temae times are stable. That means that even if I rush the preparation and cleaning, I’m not rushing the temae. Which is the way it should be. That is the twelve minute of relaxation in the morning.

As can be seen from the figure below preparation time varied a lot. Day #2, #3, and #4 I used almost half the time of the other days. There are similar differences in the cleaning up part, but a bit less extreme. Apparently I have over the week become more efficient in doing the cleaning, but less efficient in preparation.

This has been a very good week, and I’m planning on continue doing teamae in the morning. Not sure I will be able to do absolutely every day, but I should be able every day I’m at home. One thing I have noticed over the week is that I’m up in the morning like clock work. Before it on occasion happened that I would snooze or even decide to sleep an extra hour. This has not happened this week, lets hope it continues.

I also did Tea a few of the evenings this week. In the habit of measuring the time I did it for those too. I discovered that preparation and cleaning for hakobi usucha and koicha takes about the same time. While the actual temae takes four minutes longer when haiken is skipped for both. Kinindate koicha with haiken takes about 20 minutes. I’m playing with the idea of doing different temaes in the morning, but until my new supply of tea arrives I have to stick to usucha to not use up the little I have left too soon.

Time used on Preperation, Temae and Cleaning each of the seven days.

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