The cost of enthusiasm

In my very first post about morning tea I mentioned that I was all out of tea and had to delay starting the experiment until I could get my hands on some more.  I bought 100g of Shoka and another 20g tea intended for Hatsugama from Koyamaen.

vektAs I said earlier I intend to continue having Tea every morning. At the 11th day I decided that I can’t just bee doing Hakobi Usucah every morning. Since then I have done koicha most of the mornings.

Now a few days into that I’m looking at the rate of which my 100g box is emptying, and for the first time realizing that a 100g box will not last that long. In the past a box like that has lasted months because I only had Tea once or twice a month. Now on the other hand.

In theory the perfect amount of tea for a bowl of koicha is 4g. But how much do I actually use for a bow?? Being a number junkie I decided to measure it. The last five mornings I have measured how much tea I use. I made sure that I could not see the weight as I was filling the chaire to avoid having that knowledge influence it. It was pretty consistent. Though I noticed that if I have less tea in the box I’m scooping it out of I put significantly less into the bowl. After measuring five mornings I have an average usage of 4.85g a day. This is three scoops for the guest and one extra for the bowl 😉 I guess it is time to order more Tea. For the very first time in my Tea career I will get a 200g box of Shoka 🙂 I will also get a 20g box of Koyamaen’s other koicha so that I can compare their taste against each other as it might be time to reduce the quality and price of the everyday tea. I’ll keep you posted on the result of that.

Back to the cost of enthusiasm. If I have a bowl of koicha every morning I will end up consuming a whooping 4.85g * 365 = 1.77kg of koicha annually. Not cheap, but it will be worth it.

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