The Making of Chashitsu, the door won

After a prolonged battle with sadoguchi I’m surrendering. This weekend I took down the entire wall that was hiding the door. I’m going to install a very different type of system for the door. Previously I have had a door that has been sliding like a proper shoji/fusuma. Now I will instead install a metal railing behind the wall from which the door will be hanging. The railing and hanging mechanism is shown on the one of the photos in this post.

Result of this weekends effort
Result of this weekends effort

Over the weekend I was able to get the railing in place, and also install a hanging door. Though I’m not entirely happy with the material I chose for the door so I plan on heading to the lumber shop again to get a bit thicker wood and redo it.

Mechanism for hanging the sadoguchi from the ceiling

While I was at it and had the wall down I was able to thread a IKEA led light behind the wall perpendicular to the one I removed. I have cut a small window in the wall. This window will be just in front of the host. My goal is to light up the host and the utensils a bit, so that the guests better can see what is happening. I’ll be prioritizing completing the wall and the door first. Then I will start looking at installing a window in front of the led light

Window for LED lights to make the host more visible

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