Valentine’s Day

Usually I’m not a great fan of the comerzialised American traditions that seems to grow in popularity in Norway. My wife on the other hand loves both Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. We have had Thanksgivin parties most years, but hardly any Valentine’s celebration. In the beginning my company always had a skiing trip around Valentine’s Day so I was never home.

This year I surprised my wife with a single rose and a light sprinkle of rosepetals in tokonoma for our morning Tea.  Normally roses are considered inproper for Tea because of the thorns. For this occasion I made an exception, and I also removed the thorns. Also she got a sweet instead of the bread she usually have in the morning.

I hope you all have a good Valentine’s Day and that there is someone speciall in your life that you can share it with. Maybe next year we can do it the Japanese way, I much prefer that 😛

Okashi at Valentine's Day


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