I sliped up after 148 days.

Followers of my blog know that I have been drinking Tea each day without fail for quite a while.  This summer, when on vacation on the west coast of Norway, I missed a few days of my daily Tea ritual. The day just slipped by, and suddenly I was on my way to bed and realised that I had not done any temae that day. This happened a few times during my week at the west coast.

Between Febuary 24th and July 21th, I managed to do at least one temae every day. I did a total of 156 temae over this period of 148 days. This is the longest streak of Morning Tea since I started the project. Too bad it ended on 148, and that I was not able to make 150 days 🙁 Well, I’ve already started afresh, so now I have a new record to beat.

The trip to the west coast is a family tradition. Most of the family on my dad’s side is there every summer. This year we were blessed with extraordinary weather. It must have been an all time best. I even took a swim in the sea, which hasn’t happened for 15 years! We had 30 degrees Celsius in the shade, and about 18-19 in the water.

When I was leaving, my backpack was hoisted on to the transport wagon we use to get all our stuff from the cabin down to the docks. By mistake, it was not fastened. My backpack, containing my chabako, ended up being the first and only item to fall off the transport system, falling about 5 meters. Miraculously, the chabako and all it’s content survived the fall.

I have added a few photos from my summer trip for you to enjoy, and as way of explaining what came in the way of my Morning Tea.

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