One more thing

In the past few weeks I have mostly spent my effort on the chabarn, but I did some work on my home tea room too, or rather I finished up one thing that has been bugging me and some of my guests for a while. Inside tokonoma there is a hole leading to a venting shaft. IMG_8129Thisis a nice feature as it lets fresh air in. With the coming winter the annoyance with this hole increased. Every morning I come down to my tea room and it is a bit colder than the day before. Untill I get my wool naga juban on it is freezing. So finaly I decided to do something about the hole. I put in place a small wooden board attached it with hinges to the wall, and a piece of string to adjust the angel and that was it. I debated what color to make it, first I wanted to make it the same “mud” colour as the wall to hide it, in the end I decided to use a different colour, and now I’m happy I did. Along the same line of thinking I decided to have the hinges on the outside so they would show.

Having thicked off this one thing from my todo list, I only remember one more outstanding thing in the tea room. I need to add white papers to the bottom of the walls. For this task I have a excuse at least, I have tried to get paper and glue but have had some trouble with it. I hope I some day will get it right 😉





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