Oyu for mizuya

2014-10-15 08.16.44When I wrote the post Mizuya Hygiene in June I thought a lot about what my practice in the mizu-ya. In the aftermath I made one adjustment to my practice. I used to take the kettle straight from temae-za to the sink, where i emptied it. I than place it back on the heater, to dry untill I was ready to leave the tea. My thinking was that this way the kettle got the absolute maximum time on the heater to dry.

Writing the hygiene post got me thinking, and I decided to try something different. I now bring the kettle from the tea room to mizu-ya. I use the hot water to clean chakin, chasen and chawan. I leave the chakin in the chakin-arai and pour hot water onto the most dirty part until it returns to it’s usual white. The chasen I leave in the chawan, and fill the bowl with water. Then I give the chasen a quick wisk. Most times there is no tea what so ever left on it after that. But sometimes I have to use my fingers to get of the rest.

Doing it this way requires much less scrubbing and manual cleaning of the utensils. By using water that is near boiling I guess I also kill off some extra bacterias that would have survived with my previous cold water strategy.


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  1. Invaluable for cleaning chasen is a small toothbrush. Simply stroke the tines from base to tip while the chasen is in the chasen-derai under water. the toothbrush bristles are long enough to actually reach the inner cone of tines as well.

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