The dream has been outsourced

Illustration: ddpavumba
Illustration: ddpavumba

I have dreamed of a house where every room except kitchen and bathroom is covered with tatami, and serves a function during a tea ceremony. I want to turn my barn into such a place, but to get there I need some help. Yesterday, I hired an architect to help me get there. I have of course sent him the same floor plan that I posted here, and I have talked at length about what I want. I have also emphasized that I want him to think independently, and find different solutions than the ones I have concocted. With his experience, he will be much better at seeing possibilities within a building than I am, so it would be a shame if he felt too constrained and ended up just refining my floor-plan. I’m looking forward to receiving the first sketches in three weeks time with a mixture of emotions. I have put my dream into his hands and hope that what he does will surprise and amaze me.

When I received the original quote for the architect a month ago, I reflected on how different a quote feels when you are on the receiving end rather thanthe one giving it. In my work, I propose tasks of similar size to my project owner and customer all the time, it is almost an everyday activity. However, receiving the quote and deciding to accept it was a special feeling and required a lot of thinking on my part. Of course, my customer counts money in millions whereas I count it in thousands, so this sum is much larger for me than for my customer.
Now that the contract is signed, I have taken the second step on this exiting journey. Next milestone will be seeing the sketches for the first time.Check back in three weeks time to see what the architect has come up with!

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