Chabarn: First draft

I have been impatiently awaiting the first drawings from the architect. They should have arrived last week, but instead showed up on my birthday this week. This is his first draft of how he envisions the barn, and is heavily influenced by my input and suggested design. While I think it is a good start, I had hoped that there were more major or radical changes to my sketches. What I really wanted from the drawings, were some super smart ideas that I hadn’t thought of myself.

From the drawings, it looks to me like he has been unable to fit doors at the top of the barn bridge, and instead put windows there. I guess this is to make room for the necessary height for the ground floor. I have to ask him about this. Also, it look like there is no chimney for a fireplace. We have a lot of trees to chop down on my new estate, in addition to about 3500 litres wood already chopped up by the previous owners. So a fireplace will definitely cut the cost of heating for me.

The most important thing is that the architect has been able to incorporate my wishes into something that can be approved by the municipal. In Norway, there are strict criteria a room must follow to be a so-called “permanent living room”, which basically means a room you spend a lot of time in, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen etc. Most of the rooms will adhere to these rules, which in turn will enable me to use them as guest rooms when I am not doing Tea. This is especially important because the old cabin does not have many spare rooms.

The architect has asked for a meeting on Monday to go through the interior design. I guess Japanese rooms are not part of his everyday work 😉 Based on his drawings I have a few new ideas for the interior, which might influence the exterior and in particular the placement of windows. At this point I’ve started to dream about extending the barn with about one meter, in order to fit in even more Tea rooms.

As promised, here is a copy of the documents I received:

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