Tsurezure dana


During my recent trip to Warsaw I was introduced to a wonderfull tana. Tsurezure dana is made of laquered wood. The middle shelfe is hidden behind two small doors. Using the small hangles on the mini fusuma you can slid them back to reveale the natsume.

Tsurezure dana was designed by Tantansai, Urasenkes 14th Oiemoto.

I liked this tana alot. I liked how it keeps the natsume hidden untill it is needed. I like how the doors and the movements to open them brings extra focus to the revealing of the natsume.

Temae Notes

This tana is only used during Ro season. This might be because it is quite wide.

The natsume is keept inside the tana. To bring out natsume first first slide back the left doors using your left hand, and then slide back the right door using right hand. The doors are closed as soon as the natsume is out. All this is done while still holding the natsume. As you open or close the right door you need pass the natsume to your left hand and similarly for the left door.

Small doors on the tana

Hishaku and futaoki can be placed on top. Since it is a square shape the hishaku cup should be facing upward presenting a round shape. Hishaku is places diagonalu, with the cup slightly to the left of the center and the handle on the right side. Furaoki goes to the left of hishaku.

During sumi the feather and kogo can be placed similarly as described above for hishaku and futaoki.

When refilling the mizusashi at the end of the temae it is moved to the front of the tana, and a mizutsugi is used.




Window / Decoration at the bottom



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