The Dream

Burning Dreams

I had a dream that went up in flames. After a lengthy process, I got some price quotes for building the Tea barn. Unfortunately, they were two-to-three times higher than expected. This makes it impossible for me to build the barn. :'(

I’m currently working on some other plans that might be more affordable. Last month, the government announced a change in building policies, starting from July this year. With these new laws, I can build more without applying for building permit. I have a small storehouse, and after the government announced their new policies, I started dreaming about turning this into a mizu-ya, and build an almost identical Tea room next to it. I even envisioned a corridor between the two so the host wouldn´t be bothered with rain when going from one to the other.

We are spending Easter at the cabin, and the first thing I did was start measuring. Turns out, the storehouse is so high that I would not be able to build an identical building even within the new laws. So while I am looking for other ways to build my dream Tea house, in the meantime I have decided to upgrade the old storehouse, making it a Tea house with a tiny mizu-ya. That way I have a nice place to practice Tea while I ponder the best way to build my Tea house.

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