106 days

For 106 consecutive days I did Tea every day as part of my morning tea project.

Mine Entrance
Entrance to the mine

This Saturday was suppose to be number 107. However, I traveled to Sweden to dive a abandoned mine and forgot both chashaku and kensui at home. I did enjoy a bowl of tea, but no temae. There was no good place to do Tea there either…

Monday I was back in my tea-room and had a nice ryakubon temae.

These are some images from my trip to Tuna Hästberg. Not the type of image I usually post, but maybe you will enjoy anyway

This shaft takes you 80m underground
This shaft takes you 80m underground


Crystal clear water
The water is crystal clear.


A sign underwater, left from the time when the mine was active
A sign underwater, left from the time when the mine was active



Photo: Stuart Miles
Photo: Stuart Miles

I often find web pages that I would like to know when changes. This can be anything from a blog posting a new article to a sales page offering a new item. I have never been 100% happy with the many different form of subscriptions offered. Some pages offer e-mail subscriptions other only RSS feeds.

A while back I came across www.changedetection.com/ it is a very simple service that solve this problem in a neat way. It will check a web page for you either daily, weekly or monthly. If there has been any changes to the page since last time it will alert you. You can have it alert you only if something has been removed or if the new content contains a special word. It has a self explanatory interface.

For instance you could have it to track https://twitter.com/Warigeiko and tell it to check it weekly. That way you would get a weekly digest of my tweets. The address you give it can contain parameters like this search for chawan on trocadero. The possibilities are endless. Some of the things I have used it for:

  • Has potter X added new items for sale on their web page today?
  • Are there any new kittens for sale from this breeder?
  • Let me know when this blog is updated
Best of all the service is free of charge.
Try change detection on my blog and let me know what you think of this post by tweeting to @Warigeiko


I’m giving this blog a facelift, or maybe I should say that blogspot has given it a facelift. They just added a few new features that I want to take advantage of.tea14

New name

I’m renaming the blog from its old “mfroChado” to “Chado – Musing in the pine”. It should be available as http://blog.chado.no. Hopefully blogspot will be kind enough to redirect the old address to the new one.


New template
If you have turned on javascript this blog should look a bit different than it used to.
At the top you may chose from seven styles of looking at the blog. Chose the one that you like best. The default will be the magazine style. If javascript isn’t turned of in your browser the blog should look much like it always has.

2010 was a unreasonable year

A friend doing tea

Some times I wonder how many blogpost starts with, “I haven’t written in a while…?” In my case it is symptomatic of a bigger problem. The last year have been very unreasonable. For a whole lot of reasons I have done very litle Tea the last year. As always I think the main reason is that there is not real Tea-community in Norway. There is none to ask “Why did you not attend this weeks Okeiko?” or ask “Are you comming next week?”

Hope the future will be better in this regards.

If the title of this blog post made noe sense to you, you need to learn Japanese. Unreasonable is pronounced Mucha in Japanese. Mucha is written with the characters for no (mu) and cha (tea). So having no tea is unreasonable.