The professional opinion

IMG_3944It has been a few weeks. I have had a few people come and look at the barn, some professionals and some not. After the first few visits, I believed I just needed to have a the roof changed. Then I hired a carpenter to look at it, and he thorouly crushed my optimistic ideas. In his professional opinion, the best solution is to demolish the barn, and rebuild it from scratch. He pointed out some weaknesses that had escaped me and others before me. It is not that the barn can’t be saved, but it will require a complex series of manoeuvres, raising the barn up and replacing rotten wood. So much so that it will, in fact, be cheaper just to start from scratch.

In addition to the problem with rotten beams, the carpenter also explained that the barn was built with the weakest possible structure. Some old barn are built with over-sized beams, but not mine. This made it even less worth saving in his mind. Before the end of September, I’m supposed to receive an estimate of the costs associated with the carpenters suggestion. Meanwhile, I have been in contact with an architect to enlist his services. In Norway you can’t just build whatever you want on your land, you can’t even use a building that is already there for whatever you want. I need permission to remove the old barn, build a new barn that will include bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms, none of which the current barn has. The architect is hopeful that I can receive such a permission, but then he is also trying to sell his services.

To summarise the current state of affairs. I’m waiting for a price estimate from the carpenter for demolishing the barn and rebuilding it. I’m also waiting for a price offer from the architect for making the necessary drawings for the application process, writing the application and then if I get the approval, draw construction drawings for the carpenter. While waiting I should be emptying the barn, which is a tedious task.

I have played with a Live Interior 3D too see what I could possible get into a barn like this. Below I have added some early drafts of what the barn could contain. I fully expect the architect to tell me that I’m entirely mad and that it won’t be possible because I haven’t thought about x,y and z. However, I will not let that stop me from dreaming. What do you think of my new dream Tea House?