Morning Wife

Morning WifeI very recently changed jobs. As I had been in my previous job for a long time and it was step up for me, I felt it was a big deal. So I wanted to commemorate it. To do that, I got my self a new tea bowl. It’s a antique bowl that I bought from a collector in USA. Maybe I’ll tell you more about it in the future, but for now it is a “secret” to be discovered by guests one seki at the time.I planned on using it for the very first time for morning tea before my first day in the new job. Being very supportive, my non-tea-drinking-wife decided that she would participate on this morning gathering, even though she neither enjoys sitting in the tea room nor the taste of the tea. In advance we had several practice sessions so that she would know what to do, and just as importantly not mistreat my tea bowl ;)On the morning of my first day in the new job, we had a wonderful and quiet tea gathering from 06:25 to 06:52. Those that know my wife will say that it is a bit of a sensation that she was up and about at that time of day. What was even more sensational was the text message I got from her a few hours later:

My morning was EXCEPTIONALLY much better than usual! I’m considering joining you for tea tomorrow too…:O

Maybe starting the day with koicha will make your morning better too. If you do try, please tell me about it in the comment field


The Making of Chashitsu, dogu and tatami

Today was a big day. Both the tatamiand the dogu from Zuiun arrived. The tatami looks and feels perfect, and has the unmistakable smell of new tatami. When placing them out I noticed that I have some small irregularities in the dimension of the room. Fortunately I have made it too big and not to small. Nothing that a small piece of wood will not hide. The tatami is super heavy. Each full mat is 37kg. It was nice to see that the measurement for both the regular ro placement and the gyakugatte placement was done correctly. I was a bit nervous about that.

The dogu from Zuiun finally arrived. For r2some reason the second box used 13 days from Osaka to Oslo while the first only 3 days. They were sent the same day as part of the same shipment  go figure. Then the second box got stuc a few extra days in the Norwegian custom because of a missing shipping manifest. I sent them the Japanese order confirmation and a copy of my bank statement, but that was not good enough. The needed to have the manifest translated too. Delaying the custom clearance a few extra days. I do not understand this, I have had many many shippments of dogu and never had trouble with customs. When I finally got the package today it was clearly marked as “Tea Ceremony Utensils” and had a value stated in Yen. Anyway, now I got the dogu and I’m really happy about that.  I had done a few mistakes when I orderes. Since I can not read the catalouge, but is just looking at the images I have apparently ordered chabako chawans instead of regular sized 😛
It was a very nice feeling to enjoy koicha using brand new tatami, chawan and chaire. Now the room is all but complete. I just need to finish up some minor details and get hold of the blue and white paper that is suppose to go on the bottom part of the wall. Not to mention figuring out what to do about that door that is super hard to open and close.