Last day of furo

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 09.41.57From my place next to the crackling fireplace I see the tree naked but for a few rain soaked leaves framed against a grey sky. With the lingering taste of tea still in my mouth, I’m anticipating opening the ro tomorrow, and starting a new season of Tea.

At the last day of the season I’m considering what I did and didn’t do during the season that has passed. The one Tea-thing that I most regret, is that I neither hosted nor attended any Tea events during the furo season. On the other hand, I did temae every single day, and my students did a total of 42 temae. In addition we made 13 regular and 9 dictionary episodes of TeaLife.Audio podcast.

Looking at my temae-record early in October I noticed that I had done quite a few temae nine times, and for no reason in particular I decided to see how many temae I would be able to do nine times during the season. It is odd, I can still remember the years that I struggled to do each temae just once during a season, and this season I have done 12 temae nine times, and I have done 28 temae once or more. I’m blessed to be able to do Tea so often.

I have read somewhere that writing down your goals make you much more likely to reach them. For the upcoming season my goals are to do temae every single day, host weekly keiko, build a table for ryurei, host hatsugama and at least one more event.

The Making of Chashitsu, Day 24

x2The building activities has mostly been on hold for the last few weeks. I tried to make a new door last week but ended up cutting the wood 4mm to short. I’m hoping to be able to buy new wood tomorrow and give it another go this weekend.
Today is Ascention day, a public holiday in Norway, so I had some time to make covers for the ro openings in preparation for the furo season and the arrival of my new tatami. Actually the tatami should have been here by now, but I haven’t heard anything from the shop.

Zuiun sent two boxes of dogu for me. For some odd reason only one have arrived. They were shipped the same day from Kyoto, but apparantly one of the boxes is still in Osaka 🙁 The package that arrived contained my very first furosakibyobu. See the image above. These are surprisingly expensive. I paid $298 plus shipping for this one, which was one of the cheaper I could find.
As you can se I’m still using my okiro kama for the furo season. This is soon to change. I have a system where a friend borrow my ro kettle during the furo season and the furo kettle during the ro season. Just need to make the swap.