The Making of Chashitsu, @Lumbermill II

Was back at the lumbermill again. At the lumbermill I found a piecel of wood that looked like I imagined that mine would look. That is pine with bark. So I made this image with the left part showing what I thought I would have and the right showing what I got.

Spent a few hours making grooves, but was unable to complete the task. I had planned to take my little brother skiing tomorrow, but looks like I have to spend that time at the lumbermill instead. Tomorrow is the last day I can spend at the lumbermill. I’ll be taking my new and “shiny” wood on a four hour drive back home.

The Making of Chashitsu, @Lumbermill

Ceiling slider with groove

Spent a few hours at the lumbermill today. Originally the plan was that one of their guys was going to make the grooves that I need for fusuma and walls, but that ended up not being possible. Today I made about half the grooves I need using their equipment. It’s a tedious task, but it has to bee done. I got all the sliders for the roof done today, and need to do the floor ones tomorrow.

Yesterday I was told that they would not be able to make the pillars, because they did not have any small enough pieces of wood to make it with bark in the corners. This was a dissapointment. We went looking for suitable trees this morning, but in one meter deep snow and with only a hand saw we were only able to get a single piece. When we brought it back to the lumbermill they said it was to crooked. On the bright side, the our guy at the lumbermill had gotten permission

Pillar with bark corners

to cut down a few white birch near to the mill. He brought a chainsaw and forklift. Suddenly we had more raw material than we needed. Another guy at the lumbermill operated a huge saw that cut the trees into square pillars. Usually he does everything he can to get teh corners 90 degrees with no bark showing. Today he did a fabulous job of cutting the pillars so that just enough bark was showing in the corners.

I’m very happy with the look of the finished pillars. I think they are going to give the room a nice touch. Also it will give the room a bit more the look and feel of a mountain hut.

In my mind the pillars would be pine with dark bark. However, I ended up with white birch. This changes the colour composition in the room. With this in mind I feel it more appropriate to just lightly color the wood.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at the lumbermill to finish the grooves. Very much looking forward to getting back home to try and assemble it all, but first there is a few days of skiing in the mountains. Hopefully I’ll have some nice photos of the room on saturday.