One more thing

In the past few weeks I have mostly spent my effort on the chabarn, but I did some work on my home tea room too, or rather I finished up one thing that has been bugging me and some of my guests for a while. Inside tokonoma there is a hole leading to a venting shaft. IMG_8129Thisis a nice feature as it lets fresh air in. With the coming winter the annoyance with this hole increased. Every morning I come down to my tea room and it is a bit colder than the day before. Untill I get my wool naga juban on it is freezing. So finaly I decided to do something about the hole. I put in place a small wooden board attached it with hinges to the wall, and a piece of string to adjust the angel and that was it. I debated what color to make it, first I wanted to make it the same “mud” colour as the wall to hide it, in the end I decided to use a different colour, and now I’m happy I did. Along the same line of thinking I decided to have the hinges on the outside so they would show.

Having thicked off this one thing from my todo list, I only remember one more outstanding thing in the tea room. I need to add white papers to the bottom of the walls. For this task I have a excuse at least, I have tried to get paper and glue but have had some trouble with it. I hope I some day will get it right 😉





Let there be light

After my first chakai in my Tea room, that has yet to receive a name, I was made aware that the room was a bit dark. This week I went to IKEA and bought led light. I attached a line of lights in the roof above tokonoma. It was quite a difference with these tiny lights. The images to the left is without the new light and the ones to the right are with the new lights. The images was taken with the exact same adjustments on the camera so the give a pretty accurate view of the difference.

A disadvantage with the placement is that it only brings light to the tokonoma. I need to find another solution to brighten temae-za a bit. I’m contemplating making another “window.” There is only about 7mm of space behind that wall, just enough to fit the leds. The question is will I be able to get them in there without taking the entire wall down?

Colage of light

The Making of Chashitsu, Day 12

Finally the room is starting to look like a Tea-room. Was able to finish up both the tokonoma and the rest of the walls today. Made two small windows. One in the side wall of the tokonoma to give some light to the scroll, and a second window to give light to the rest of the room. Since my Tea-room is located in the basement there is no natural light. My windows therefore opens only to a small area lit by two led-spotlights. I’m planning to make small shoji screens to place in front of the two windows. Both to hide the spotlight and to soften the light. The images today is shot without flash, and the room is lit only by the two “windows.” A nice benefit of the larger window, is that from it I can reach both spotlights to control their intensity.

Tokonoma with flower shaped window and the mainwindow

After the photos were taken I went over and applied spackle to all the seams and cracks. Probably need to do that once more when it has dried. Then I can start painting.

Behind the wooden wall next to the entrance there is some open space. I haven’t really thought about the size of it. Measured it today, and according to my calculations I should be able to fit about 20 moving boxes of dogu behind there 🙂