Yuki temae at the hotel room
Yuki temae at the hotel room, with the new boiler

This has been a crazy few months, but I have mostly my self to blame. I have booked a bit too many things. I have already been to Latvia, Sweden, Poland, Germany and now Denmark.

As I arrived in Denmark I realized that I had forgotten to bring my waterboiler. So the first morning I was unable to make Tea, as there was no boiler at the hotel room.

However, I was determined not repeate the Swedish “mucha” expereince. So I went straight from the training session to a shopping mall to find a waterboiler. I found a nice red boiler, and they even had them in different sizes. So I got the smalest one figuring that it would make for a good one for future travels. It is about half the size of my previous boiler.

I had a enjoyable temae at the hotel. I did Yuki, before I headed out to have a meal at a Indian resturant in Copenhagen. I also happily made a note that my utensils seems to have taken no ill effect of beeing shipped as check-in luggage.


Okeiko in Warsaw 17th of July 2010
Okeiko in Warsaw 17th of July 2010

This weekend I’m going to Warsaw in Poland. Last year I became a member of the Polish Tea association, so it is about time I went to participate in one of their Okeiko.

Ula, Aaron and I were all students at Midorikai at the same time. Ula and Aaron got married and settled down in Warsaw, Ula’s home town.Where they are teaching Tea.

I have visited them once before. At that time we had a good time and some nice lessons. According to my temae records I did Hakobi Koicha, Satsubako and Bondate under their supervision.

I’m excited to meet them again. I haven’t seen either of them since my last visit in 2010. In the mean time they have gotten a baby with I very much look forward to meet.