Morning Tea #100

BondateToday was the 100th day of morning tea. I’m very happy with this tradition and after one hundred consecutive days of tea I’m comitted to continue. Maybe 2014 will be the first year with tea every single day of the year.

Todays temae was Bondate. A while back I started to do also the longer temaes in the morning. Most of the mornings I time how long it takes as I’m curious to see if my speed at doing temae changes over time and to learn more about how much time things takes.

Some “fun” statistics from my first 100 days of temae:

Looking at all the temae they take at average 21 minues when I drink the tea my self, and 27 minutes when I make tea for two and share a bowl with my wife. Koicha takes five to six minutes longer than Usucha. Shikaden takes about four minutes longer than konorai temae to do on average.


I’m giving this blog a facelift, or maybe I should say that blogspot has given it a facelift. They just added a few new features that I want to take advantage of.tea14

New name

I’m renaming the blog from its old “mfroChado” to “Chado – Musing in the pine”. It should be available as Hopefully blogspot will be kind enough to redirect the old address to the new one.


New template
If you have turned on javascript this blog should look a bit different than it used to.
At the top you may chose from seven styles of looking at the blog. Chose the one that you like best. The default will be the magazine style. If javascript isn’t turned of in your browser the blog should look much like it always has.

Chanoyu in the morning

20090712-20090712-IMG_0603In life I have found that there is always something that feels urgent, something that just has to be done at once. Chanoyu gives me great enjoyment and peace of mind, but it is never urgent. I’ll always be able to do it tomorrow, so that I can handle the urgent things today. However, when tomorrow arrives there are still urgent things to do. Even if I completed all the high priority items on my itinerary yesterday, there will be new ones today.

Therefore I have decided that at least once a week I’m going to make Tea my first priority. Which means it shall be the first thing I do that day. Today was the first such day. I got up 20 minutes before I normally would. Even before I went to the bathroom I put on the water boiler. I made a few slices of bread which I ate while preparing the tea-space and utensils. I’m fortunate to have it all in my apartment. I finished eating and preparing at the same time. Then I spent approximately 30 minutes making myself a bowl of koicha in the dark. It was a very nice way to begin the day.

Afterwards, I cleaned the utensils and did the other tasks of the morning. I left for work about 10 minutes late, but in a very good and peaceful mood.