Chado Encyclopedia – Ceramic update

Oni Hagi chawan by Miwa Kyusetsu
Oni Hagi chawan by Miwa Kyusetsu

The different styled of ceramic was never my strongest area of expertise, in fact I’m quite poor at it. Therefore that has been one of the areas that the Chado Encyclopedia has had some weak articles until now. Through community contribution now has much better information about different types of ceramic. We got many nice pictures displaying different types of ceramic along with short text explaining the main attributes of that type of ceramic.

The following pages has been updated with new images:

If you have a photo that we can use, or some knowledge of Tea please share! Do not let technology stop you. Contact me and I’ll help getting your contribution posted.

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The goals for the coming year

  • Improve the layout, to make the page more attractive.
  • Expand the number of articles from 300 to 500
  • If any topic is referenced from two or more pages, there should be a page for that topic
  • There should be a photo on at least 90% of the pages. 

Quests that needs doing

The tana documentation project, 2

This weekend I finally had some time to start on the tana project. I have updated the Tana page with more general20070129-20070129-IMG_2663a information about ko-dana and I have created detailed pages for Koko-dana and Maru-Joku.
Furthermore, I created a new page with a list of all the Konomi that I found during the research. Having made the Konomi list, I decided that this information should also be available under each tea master, so I included it under Rikyu, Sotan and Gengensai. This way, a small part of the Konomi page is shown at the bottom of each of the pages about the tea mastersand it is updated automatically.

I hope you find this information useful, and that you will continue to contribute to the project. There are still many tanas to document. I do not own more tanas myself, and will therefore be unable to take photos of any other tana. If you have access to a tana, I would greatly appreciate if you would take images of it, if possible with other utensils placed correctly inside.

The tana documentation project

20050313-20050313-DSCN0695As part of the Chado Encyclopedia I wish to make a new section about tana. I hope to create a separate page for each tana. The goal is to collect the following information about each of them:

  • Image of the tana, without any dogu in it.
  • Image of the tana with dogu inside, placed correctly for different situations.
  • A short text about the history of the tana.
  • A list of variations on this tana, and who has taken each of them as konomi
  • A description of how to use the tana in different situations. Always including at least Shozumi, Koicha and Usucha

I’m hoping that some of you may be able to help me with this endevour. If you have any of the above items for any tana, including daisu, tabidansu and such, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send them to me on tana @ and give me permission to use it on